Thursday, December 6, 2012

Melissa and Braley-Engagements

I had the opportunity to shoot two of my good friends whom I have known since elementary years and their engagements!! YAY! It's always such an honor when a friend decides to use me as their photographer, but especially two whom I've known since we were wee lads.

Now, we had quite a difficult time with these engagements....unfortunately. Melissa decided she wanted some more natural photos up in the mountains during the fall because of all the pretty colors. We decided to head up Little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah because of the gorgeous scenery. On the drive up there I was speeding....I didn't realize how fast I was actually going because of how distracted I was trying to find the perfect location. Well, I got caught "ridin dirty" as they say. The speed limit was 25 and I was going 46. Oops. The nice cop decided to give me a ticket for only 9 over. THANK GOD. Plus it was my first REAL ticket. We got some great shots in the fall and here are those:) Enjoy.


We had a few other "complications" (cough cough) and decided it would be pretty amazing if we got some winter photos. You don't see many winter engagements and thats shame because they can turn out so beautiful and romantic. Any we were lucky enough to get two seasons in a months time!



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